Yes. Some of the TABB programs include commissioning (also known as performance of building design), HVAC sound/vibration, HVAC energy audit, and indoor air quality certification.

Certified professionals can assist building owners/managers in developing safe building measures in case of a fire, as well as keeping systems maintained.  Certification also shows that you have the latest training in HVAC technologies.

TABB certification encompasses all HVAC industry components. Before a technician gets certification, he or she will complete 496 hours of classroom training in the latest HVAC technologies and must pass a practical exam to ensure that he or she is capable of performing verification that the HV/AC systems function in an efficient way.

TABB stands for Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing Bureau.

The International Fire Code states that fire dampers in commercial buildings should be maintained, inspected and tested at specific times. Failure to comply with the code could void your insurance and leave you vulnerable to criminal charges.

You get quality installation from a technician who received the latest training in Fire Life Safety. The correct installation is critical to building safety, as it can be the difference between containing a fire or having a complete disaster.

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